Neon Type & 3D Lettering
Selection of commercial and self initiated type driven projects. You will find all sorts of different styles including some of these neon type things every client seems to need.
"POW" background illustration in collaboration with Andy Gellenberg/WEAREKIDZ
Client: Yorkshire Tea, Illustration Agent: JSR
Client: Haag/Statement
"Focus" Lettering collaboration with Pedro Oyarbide
Client: Fujitsu, Illustration Agent: JSR
Client: EMI Music, Illustration Agent: JSR
Client: EMI Music, Illustration Agent: JSR
Client: EMI Music, Illustration Agent: JSR
Client: EMI Music, Illustration Agent: JSR
"Palette Town" in collaboration with WEAREYAWN.
"Welcome to the Jungle" collaboration with Pedro Oyarbide done at I LOVE DUST.
Client: Unicef, Agency: Jung von Matt Berlin
"6 ways to supercharge your selfbelief" in collaboration with Thomas Burden.

"Buzzed, Busted, Broke" done at I LOVE DUST.

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